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Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council (CROPC)

Climate Resilient Observing-Systems Promotion Council –abbreviated as CROPC has been formed as Nonprofit organization under section 8 of Company Act 2013 to act as an interface between Central Early warning agencies , line departments, state, Community, NGOs and other stakeholders . CROPC or Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council under the regulatory framework of Indian Meteorological Department will function as Center for promotion of Climate Resilient Observing Systems and public notification system for various hazards due to Climate Change extremities. CROPC as a technical sound body ,aims to serve stakeholders specially states , departments , PSUs, NGOs about the status of observing systems and assist them in setting up comprehensive network Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) , Automatic Rain Gauges(ARG) , short range radars and also create customized visualization and impact based community centric deliverables. CROPC will also serve as a platform for various professionals and experts to achieve precision in Weather warning services and climate change by analysis of gaps in Early warning , coordinated processing of inputs into an impact based community centric Early warning and create effective public notification system to outreach the EW to last mile on time under a regulatory and orderly framework of official forecasting agencies / Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). The CROPC would also engage towards fruitful customization of weather and climate related inputs for its lateral use in various fields like agriculture, industries, defence, aviation, tourism, water management etc. complementing IMD but not competitive. The Council would be capable to undertake various modeling based on hydrology, geomorphology and other aspects including advisory, research, project management, capacity building documentation and any emerging need.