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Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council (CROPC)

The objective is to create a Climate Change risk resilient Council through promotion of Resilient Observing systems thereby enable impact based community centric forecasting through a regulatory mechanism to last mile in user friendly manner , thus reducing sufferings to humanity, animals and minimize economic losses.

The CROPC will function as Center for promotion of Climate Resilient Observing Systems and public notification system and will be a platform for various professionals and technical and will function in following fields :-

  • Technical body to advise states in setting up Climate Resilient Observing Systems and Emergency communication systems.
  • Weather Data Collection and Dissemination Protocol
  • Promotion of Weather Observing Systems especially Automatic Weather Stations down to Community level, through Government and Non Government Organizations in Agriculture, Industries, education etc.
  • Create Innovative platforms of versatile Communication to serve community with hazard warning and climate change adaptation through Government, private and partner agencies .
  • Weather and Climate Resilience Activities- Immediate, short and long term activities. Local level platform to be created amongst community, with special focus on Disaster Hotspots
  • Policy Advocacy.
  • Create wide spread multi spectrum Visibility platforms.
  • Research and Development.
  • Knowledge sharing platform
  • Project Management and Consultancy services
  • Create Hazard safe hutments in highly sensitive zone on priority.
  • Facilitate lateral use of weather and climate change inputs in various traditional and emerging fields.
  • Any other emerging and functional requirements